I’ve Just Begun

“I wanna enjoy the sunshine and do the things that I need to see what feels good to me.”-Britney Spears

IMG_5880D Day!! That’s right. Detox day is here and it’s gonna be tough. The next 5 days will be spent ridding my body of all the toxins I absorbed from having a little too much holiday fun. My workouts have been few and far between, so to jump-start the week, I woke up to run at 5 this morning. The last time I did that was when I was training, but it felt like I never missed a beat. I ran my usual route through Center City, making sure I stayed in well-lit areas. It was pretty mild (36 degrees), so my lungs weren’t screaming at me. I’m doing spin tonight after work, along with some upper body and ab work. I’ll be posting that workout on Wednesday!

Over the weekend, I was reading some of the medical books that my dad left on the kitchen table. While most of what I was reading might as well have been written in Yiddish, I was able to soak up a little knowledge to share for my “learn something new every day” goal. SO…did you know that the power output of our hearts’ is between 1-5 watts?! It does the most physical work of any muscle in our bodies! Our quads can only produce 100 watts for a few minutes at a time, but our hearts’ pump out 1-5 watts, all day long (that’s 1440 minutes worth of power for one day). Over a lifetime that’s equal to more than 2.5 gigajoules. I attempted to calculate how much a gigajoule is, and all I found was that it’s a whole freakin’ lot. Our hearts need to be strengthened too, so don’t forget that cardio! Happy Monday 🙂



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