Here Is Gone

“And I wanted to be all you need. Somehow, here is gone.”-Goo Goo Dolls

IMG_0003Happiest hump day to you all! The rain has finally stopped and I can feel the chill coming back into the air. It’s been ridiculously muggy/rainy and I’ve about had it. I’m ready for some chilly January weather. Maybe a little more snow? I’ve had some really awesome workouts this week, considering the amount of time I took off. On Monday, I did this upper body and ab workout. I finished lifting just in time to make it to spin. It kicked my butt, but it felt sooooo good. I officially have a gym crush on the instructor, partly because he makes me sweat and partly because of his massive biceps/calves. Yum! Hopefully I’ll be able to make his class tonight (and definitely Saturday morning). Last night, I did a 35 minute tempo run. I was home early from work and was able to run while it was still light out. That always seems to make running easier. The drizzle mixed with Zedd pumping through my ear-buds put me on cloud nine.

In honor of being reunited with my hawk babies this weekend for the SJU vs. UPenn game, today’s fun fact is that the Hawk was just named NCAA’s Top Basketball Tradition. I couldn’t be prouder to call myself a hawk. The hawk will never die!


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