“Oh we learned that love was supposed to win, but sometimes it’s the demons that are standing in the end.”-Parachute

imageFRRIIDDAAYYY! This week was such a mess. Between the crazy weather and all the catching up from being away in California, I can’t wait to put a giant glass of wine to my face after work today. I’m super excited about what I have planned for this weekend. It’s going to be the perfect remedy for a rough week.

Back in October, I talked about my friend Shane’s photography. He’s had a few galleries, but I haven’t had the chance to go and see one. Tonight, he’s having one in the city, at Prime Stache. It’s a part of Philly’s First Friday.  What better way to kick off the weekend than a delicious cocktail, a few friends, and a room full of beautiful pictures? I can’t wait. If you’re in the area, First Friday festivities begin at 5pm, but run until 9 at Prime Stache.

Since today is my “rest” day (I did yoga this morning), I have some fun workout plans for this weekend. Tomorrow morning, I’m headed out to my gym’s Manayunk location to take a Barre class. I went to a class in the city a while back, but want to see if the class my gym offers is any good. If you’ve never been, I suggest giving it a try. Or start by doing some at-home Barre 🙂

OH! And I just realize that I’ve been slacking on the “learn-something-new-every-day” aspect of my posts. I’m sorry! Today’s fun fact?! Did you know that all Legos that have been made in the last 54 years will fit each other? It doesn’t matter how much they’ve changed over the past 54 years (kids these days are spoiled rotten compared to the Legos I had haha), these pieces are a part of one huge universal Lego system and are designed to fit with all pieces. How crazy!? I learned that at the symposium in San Francisco. Lego was a sponsor and had all kinds of goodies set up.

Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy it 🙂



  1. That is so cool about the Legos! I’m not embarrassed to admit you totally made me want to play with some, looks like I’ll be making a stop at the Lego store while I shop after work 😊

    1. Their table at the symposium was wildly impressive. I haven’t played with Legos in years, so I couldn’t believe how crazy cool they’ve gotten. But for them to fit with all the Legos I used to play with is totally awesome!

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