Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

” I have like,  fade recollections and like, a general feeling of happiness.”-Fatboy Slim

IMG_6207So maybe I’m not ravin, but I’m definitely running. On Monday, Broad Street Run bibs were issued and I didn’t get one. Not because I didn’t make the lottery cut, but because I never applied.  I’ve ran Broad Street every year for the past five. The past 3 years, I’ve run with the American Cancer Society, so I got to skip the whole register and hope to get in. This year, I didn’t register at all. Not even with ACS. Instead I booked a flight to Vegas, to celebrate my best friend’s 25th birthday. I’m absolutely stoked to go, but a part of me is really sad that I won’t be running my favorite Philly race. But instead of sitting back and watching all my friends and followers talk about their training, I’m going to train too. I can’t keep making excuses for not running. Sure it’s cold, but it’s getting warmer. Yeah I’m tired, but running gives me more energy. I’m going to use the same training plan I did for the half this past fall. That along with the weight training Tyler’s given me will turn me into a lean, mean, running machine. And instead of asking you to donate to my ACS fund, I’m asking you to donate to my baby sister’s Relay For Life fund! Just like me, she’s raising money in honor of her best friend Christian, who died from Lymphoblastic lymphoma. Read his story here. Lymphoma is the third most common kind of childhood cancer, and each dollar we raise goes towards finding the cure for less cancer and more birthdays.

On a much lighter note, we’ve made it half way through the week. Happy hump day loves! Eat. Sleep. RUN. Repeat.


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