White Walls

“I’m rolling out, roof off, letting in sky. I shine, the city never looked so bright.”-Macklemore

photo(4)Happy Friday! It’s a rainy, yet beautiful, 45 degrees in Philly. I know that’s not much to be excited about, but the warmer weather has given me a serious boost. I’ve run outside 3 times this week, and have a 5 miler scheduled for tomorrow morning. I’m back and it feels soooooo good. After my run tomorrow morning, I’ll be heading to Baltimore for the night. I have lots planned and can’t wait to share everything with you on Monday!

Here’s my training from this week:

IMG_6218I hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend. I know I’m gonna be missing a mean boozy brunch in Philly, but I plan to soak up as much of the Leinenkugel beer garden as I possible. In honor of my trip to Charm City tomorrow, I decided to find a little piece of useless random knowledge to share. Did you know that the first umbrella factory in America was established in Baltimore in 1828?! Let’s hope that I don’t need one at all this weekend. Cheers!



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