Beauty In The Breakdown

“We’re all tied up and wrapped around in useless, states of mind.”-The Scene Aesthetic

IMG_6350Happy March yous guys! I know I’m a few days late and I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL. I’ve been fighting off a mean cold since I got back from NYC. I guess that’s what I get for not wearing a jacket all day Saturday, and running in the cold all last week. You’d think a girl who got her Master’s would be a little smarter, eh? Anywho, last weekend was absolutely awesome and I have plans to go back to NYC this weekend (and maybe next weekend too haha). Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane.

IMG_6322On Friday, I hopped on the Amtrak and headed up to Penn Station. I got in around 9, just in time to start some Friday night festivities. We wanted to keep Friday night laid back, since we’d be up early on Saturday morning. We headed down to the Lower East Side and went to The 13th Step. We met up with my friend Gabe (remember him?) and played some pong. After that, we decided to go to Epstein’s Bar but it was too packed, so we ended up at R Bar. Around 3am, we decided a very late dinner/super early breakfast was the best idea ever, so we stuffed our faces at Moonstruck. Best decision ever.

IMG_6329Saturday St. Patty’s fun began around noon. A couple mimosas, a bagel, and a 20 minute train ride later, we were in Hoboken with a million other crazies glad in green. We spent most of the day at Green Rock Tap & Grill. Once things started to get a little hectic at Green Rock, we wanted to reconnect with some people we lost along the crawl, at 10th and Willow. I met up with Gabe and more kids that I went to SJU with. I’m pretty sure we stayed there until at least 2, before deciding to come back to the city. By the time we got home, we realized we hadn’t eaten since 9 am, so we downed a couple of pies before crashing.

IMG_6348Sunday morning was a bit of a struggle for all of us, but we all rallied and went to Benjamin for bottomless brunch. It was the perfect way to wrap up the weekend (and to induce a nice little nap on the train ride home). I can’t wait to go back again. After talking with Alyss and Gabe, I’m thinking maybe living in NYC for a year or two is in my foreseeable future. We shall see my friends, we shall see.

Most of my energy has been spent fighting off this cold, so sadly, training has taken a backseat for the past couple of days. I’ve been loading up on oranges, kale, and peppers (all packed with crazy amounts of vitamin c), and staying out of the crazy cold.



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