Looking For That Girl

“That girl, she’s a love gunslinger, neon Jägerbomb country-okie singer.”-Tim McGraw

IMG_6227Excuse me while I blast some Tim McGraw through the city streets this morning. It’s Mega Ticket season y’all and the thought of tailgates and country concerts is just what I need to fight the last of the winter blues. I can’t wait for this summer’s line-up of shows. I don’t know if they’ll be able to top last summer’s but there’s no harm in trying.

Last night I went on a double date with my friend from work. We went to Twisted Tail, for some whiskey and southern comfort food. It was the perfect way to start off the weekend. I’ll be headed up to New York City with Matty tomorrow morning to celebrate our friend’s birthday. I’m pretty excited since this is his first time to the city.

20140307-002807.jpgMy training from this week is a little sub par. I did weights here and there while I was home sick, and took Zoe for a couple long walks, but I haven’t sweat anything fierce all week. I’m going to run before leaving for New York tomorrow, and possibly do some full body circuits when I get back on Sunday. Next week I’ll kick it back into high gear and sweat for the week I slacked.

It’s been a rough week, between being sick and being super busy with work. But…we’ve made it to Friday so cheers to that!



  1. Ahh I totally agree can’t wait for those country concerts!! They are so fun! I am going to have to get tickets for at least one this time aorund I didn’t make it any last year 😦

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