Up In The Air

“I’ve been up in the air, out of my head, stuck in a moment of emotion I destroyed.”-Thirty Seconds To Mars

IMG_6376Could this week be going any slower? Good grief Charlie Brown. I may not make it to Friday, if we’re being honest. My energy is at an all time low. Sure it’s 65 degrees, but now it’s raining. Oye vey. Someone throw me a happy pill real quick.

20140311-142110.jpgMaybe the reason this week has been so tough was because the weekend was amazing. On Saturday, Matt and I drove up to New York City together. Despite the extra long drive (we made a little detour), it was a beautiful day to ride around with the windows down and the music up. We got into the city in time to hit up brunch at The Highline. While it wasn’t the type of brunch I usually go to, it was definitely an experience. After brunch, we headed back to the East Side and grabbed a few margaritas at El Rio, before getting cleaned up to go out. Alyssa surprised her sister with mini cupcakes from Baked By Melissa. Ummmm 50-calorie cupcakes? Let’s just say I had a few. They were delish. Definitely bringing some home next time. We ended up hopping around the Lower East Side, stopping at 13th Step again, and then The Penny Farthing. It was an SJU reunion and we know those always end so well! And then somehow…we ended up at Pacha at 4:30 in the morning. By the time we got back to her apartment…it was 7am and I was dead. No weekend would be complete without Sunday bottomless brunch, so we headed back to Benjamin’s since every other place was booked solid. New York knows how to do brunch. I might move there for the sole purpose of their brunch menus.photo(5)

I think this weekend I’m going to be staying in. The past 6 weekends have been packed and it would probably be best if I got more than 8 hours of sleep the entire weekend. Maybe that’s why my energy is so low? Side note: I’ve finally put together a new playlist for spin. This one is definitely a keeper. If you need some tune-spiration, look no futher 🙂


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