“But you could break it, if you let time wear away it. So don’t mistake it for something that you’re free to play with.”-Dragonette

IMG_6352Oh Monday, you’re back and you didn’t even bring warm weather. I have yet another snow day to start off my week. Like seriously though Mother Nature. It’s mid-March, enough with the white stuff! This weekend was the most perfect combination of fun and relaxation. Although it was hard to not partake in all the St. Patty’s day celebrations and a boozey brunch on Sunday, I really needed a weekend of detox. I felt glorious (although still super congested) when hopping jumping crawling out of bed this morning.

IMG_6442I spent Friday night catching up on all my favorite shows, and woke up bright and early for spin class on Saturday morning. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so my mom and I walked up to Walnut Street to do some shopping. On the way home, we stopped and grabbed lunch at Valanni. Sunday morning I decided that I needed to clean out my closet,  so that I can make room for new spring clothes. I’m hoping I don’t jinx myself by packing all of my sweaters away. I love that refreshing feeling of “out with the old/heavy and in with the new/light”. Ya feel me? Who else is ready to put away the NorthFaces and Uggs?

I cleared my way out of the mess that was my bedroom just in time to watch my Hawks win their first A10 championship since 2008. I’m not gonna lie: I teared up when I watched the boys storm the court. Here’s the hoping we get to see a Holy War versus Villanova in the big dance! Oh and a happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my whiskey sluggin Irish loves!



  1. I am so ready to get rid of the ugh sand northfaces, especially the uggs lol I can’t stand to look at them!

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