Been There, Done That

” All I can give is all my love and my love ain’t never been enough so I ain’t coming back. I’ve been there done that.”-Luke Bryan

IMG_6598Hello Monday! It’s an April showers kind of morning, but this iced coffee is hitting the spot right now. I had a pretty awesome weekend and I hope you did too. I completely forgot to post my workouts from last week (no worries-I’ll double up this week), since my focus really wasn’t where it usually is. Maybe it’s because of all the letting go and moving on I was able to do, but I feel so much lighter. The fog has been lifted from my head and I’m finally back to where I need to be. Head and heart are speaking the same thing and it feels so good.

IMG_6655On Friday night, after a nice rainy run, I spent some time with the fam. My aunt came in from Jersey, so we cooked dinner and talked until we were almost asleep. I was up nice and early on Saturday morning for a 3-hour work out. Upper body and back-to-back spin classes. By the time I left Sweat, I was toast. I met my mommy to run our usual morning errands: liquor store, Whole Foods, and coffee.  Katie and Margo got here in the afternoon and we spent the day at the park. It was beautiful outside, so we stayed out until it was time for dinner. We grilled up some turkey burgers on the grill and cracked open some vino. Margo was asleep by 9, so Katie and I were able to head out for a little girl’s night. We met up with some boys we went to high school with and danced the night away. It was the perfect Saturday night. Sunday morning consisted of homemade donuts for breakfast, fro yo for lunch, and mimosas for dinner. Clearly Sunday was my cheat day.

IMG_6652This week is going to be busy, which means it should fly by quickly. I’m already dreaming of the weekend and I haven’t even gotten on the train yet. We’re less than a month away from Vegas and the rest of my weekends in April are packed with adventures. 25th birthday celebrations have been finalized and the countdown until I’m officially in my mid-twenties is quickly approaching. C’mon summer Get to me fast!




  1. 3 hour workout! Wow that must have been killer! Something about spinning just is so challenging for me I couldn’t imagine back to back classes!

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