Black & Gold

“‘If you’re not really here, then the stars don’t even matter. Now I’m filled to the top with fear that it’s all just a bunch of matter.”-Sam Sparro

IMG_6661Happy Friday loves! This week flew by and was absolutely wonderful in so many ways. Each morning started off with a run, and we all know how much happier I am when that happens. The weather was a perfect 65 degrees every day. I went on a date last night. AND today, I’m packing my bags for New York City. Brunch has been planned since Monday, and we plan to spend all day Saturday and Sunday outside in this gorgeous weather. Rooftop drinks? Yankees vs. Red Sox game? Highline Beer Garden? Yes please!

IMG_6665Last night, I went to happy hour with my mama at Jack’s. It’s been forever since I was there and it’s one of our favorite places to go together. After happy hour, I walked down the street to one of my favorite sushi’s places, Doma , for dinner with B (that’s gonna be his nickname for now). It’s been a while since I went out on a date-date and the butterflies were dancing in my stomach. The sushi was amazing, as usual. We split a bunch of different rolls, but my favorite is always the Spring Garden. Cooked shrimp, avocado, cucumber, frisee lettuce, wasabi mayo, and masago. Heaven in my mouth. After dinner, we went right across the street to Whirled Peace for fro yo. This kid seriously knew the way to my heart.  Sushi and fro yo? I guess I’m pretty easy to please 🙂

I’m really hoping that this weekend is the cherry of top of the perfect week sundae. This time last year I was day drinking margaritas on Hawk Hill with all the same people I’ll be with this weekend, so I’m sure it won’t be too shabby. Cheers loves!



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