I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now

“I’m a hundred mother loving stars. You’re no lights, you’re an undercover car.”-Lupe Fiasco

IMG_6854Good morning, my loves. For it being Monday, I’m in the most amazing mood. This weekend was absolutely perfect. My parents were in upstate New York, so I had the house to myself. It’s been a while since I’ve been home alone and it was much-needed. Since I’m going to Vegas on Thursday (AHHHH!!!), this weekend was spent relaxing and packing. Oh and getting my sweat on!

IMG_6860After work on Friday, I went for a run before it decided to rain the rest of the night. But the Flyer’s were playing a huge game against the Rangers, and it was mandatory that we went to watch. The city is bleeding orange and we’ve all got our fingers crossed that we come out with a win so we get to go to game 7 of the series. Broad Street vs. Broadway baby!

On Saturday morning, I got up and did back-to-back spin classes. After doing an intense leg workout on Friday morning, I was hoping that spin would help shake out my legs. Wrong. By the time I got home and showered, I was more sore than before. Getting up and down the steps was nearly impossible. But it was so gorgeous out that I decided I’d walk to get my hair done and then spend the afternoon walking around the city, shopping. When I got home, I plugged my Up in and it told me that I walked almost 10 miles. And boy could I feel every single one of em. 4 Advil, 2 classes of wine, and 3 sushi rolls later, I was soaking in a hot bubble bath. The rest of my night was spent out on our deck.

photo(6)I was up and at em unusually early on Sunday morning. We went for a nice run and then walked the pups, coffee in hand. Later in the afternoon, I headed to brunch with my sister at Redwood, a little restaurant on South Street. You would have no idea this place even existed, since it’s between two big venues. But it was amazing. The food was delicious. The drinks were cheap and tasty. It’s my new local spot, for sure. We got to sit out back on the patio and get our brunch on while getting a tan. This weather couldn’t be more amazing and it’s making me the happiest person alive.

I found an old running playlist of mine and decided that would be my fuel for my Sunday run. Listen to it here!




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