We’ll Be Coming Back

“Now it seems a world away but I miss that day. Are we ever gonna feel the same?”-Calvin Harris

IMG_6910How is it already Wednesday? I swear it was just yesterday that I was getting on my flight to Vegas. This week has gone surprising fast so far, considering the lack of energy I’ve had. IMG_6935What can I say…I just can’t hang like I used to. Oh and speaking of Vegas, I have SO much to fill you in on! Let’s get started, shall we?

Well what I forgot to mention in Friday’s post was the fact that I legit had to sprint my ass through the Phoenix airport, Kevin McCallister style because my flight from Philly was delayed almost an hour. The entire time I was sitting in the terminal, I was praying to the flight gods that I would be able to make it. Longchamp tossed over my shoulder, I flew across the terminals, swearing up a storm. IMG_6924Shout out to the sweet, little man who gave me a ride on his Segway, because he literally saved me from missing the greatest weekend with the best friends that a girl could ask for.

Ok. Fast forward to Friday…which was spent at Encore, seeing Fedde Le Grande. Absolutely unreal. I kept looking around me thinking Is this real life? The birthday girls made it up to the booth to see him, and got a very special birthday pic. I got some serious sun on my face and shoulders (not so much my legs), but I can’t even begin to describe how awesome it was to be in summer weather. A long day in the sun, made for an even longer night. IMG_6939We were torn between seeing Armin or Avicii, but ended up at XS to see Avicii (who happens to be one of my favorites). My feet were killing me by the time we got back to the hotel.

IMG_6929All of a sudden it was 11am on Saturday (definitely didn’t make it out for a run this time around haha) and we were at Wet Republic for another pool party that Afrojack was throwing/playing. OH and did I mention that we saw Joe Jonas while we were headed in?! That pretty much made our entire trip. I looked over and was like Man, that boy is HOT. Holy shit, that’s Joe freakin Jonas! Alyssa got up the courage to ask him for a picture, and came back visibly shaking. We’re such little girls, I swear. After another day spent in the sun, and running on a good 3 hours of sleep since Wednesday night, we took a power nap before heading to Marquee for one last birthday hoorah. Kaskade was playing and we were all pumped to go out with a bang. And boy, did we ever.

All and all, Vegas was an unbelievably amazing blur. I’m not even gonna lie: I had to go back and check FourSquare/Facebook/Twitter to double-check who we saw, on which nights. I’m almost positive I lost weight while there, from the 8 of sleep and maybe 2 meals total that we ate. There was really no time to eat or sleep. We were too busy dancing. But all six of us made it back alive, in one piece, and with no tattoos or left-hand rings. Until next time, stay beautiful, Sin City.


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