The Best of Us

“She likes her beer real cold and her whiskey straight.”-The Dirty Heads

IMG_7013Ugghh Monday, you have arrived far too quickly. I was just finally getting relaxed yesterday and had to use a whole lot of energy to get up at 5m to go lift. But, it was worth it. Breaking a serious sweat before the sun comes up makes me so happy. Happier than I am with an extra hour of sleep. Plus, I was rudely reminded that Memorial Day weekend is all but two weeks away. Ummmm let’s hit the panic button, shall we? The warm weather is here to stay and I’m so pumped. My walks to work are gorgeous and filled with sunshine and Third Eye Blind jams. I fall so deeply in love with these kinds of mornings. Can it be 60 and sunny forever and ever please, Philly?!

IMG_7012This weekend was absolutely wonderful. On Friday night, I did happy hour with my loves before calling it an early night. Since I’ve made a routine out of 2-hours of spin on Saturday mornings, my Fridays have stayed pretty old-lady like. But I don’t mind. It feels good to jump out of bed on Saturday before my alarm even goes off. Plus, I stay productive for the entire day. I usually run all my errands right after class. After class this weekend though, I headed out to Manayunk to do lunch with Matt. It’s been a while since I went out to the Yunk, since he always comes into the city, but I figured it could be fun. We ate lunch outside and then spent the afternoon walking around Main Street.

IMG_7015On Sunday, as hard as I tried, I was awake at 6am. I laid in bed, catching up on Mad Men, before having coffee with my mommy on our porch. We had brunch plans at 1, so we putzed around the house until it was time to leave. I made reservations at London Grill, a build-you-own-Bloody-Mary place that I’ve been wanting to try for months. The food was amazing (we both got a chicken and brie sandwich), and the bloodies were delish. There were even Spice Girl barbie dolls by the Bloody Mary bar, which instantly won the hearts of me and my mom. Oh the countless hours we spent signing and dancing to Spice World when I was little. I love the neighborhood that the restaurant is in. We walked over a couple blocks to the first place that I ever called home, the infamous 2012 Mount Vernon Street. That’s probably why I love that area of the city-it feels like home.

This week is probably gonna drag, but I have some fun workouts planned to keep things exciting until Katie and Margo come down for the weekend. Let’s make it a good week loves!


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