“Head in the cloud, got no weight on my shoulders. I should be wiser and realize that I’ve got one less problem without ya.”-Ariana Grande

proxy (6)Holy downpour batman. Philly, you are nothing but a flood zone and you’re quite literally raining on my happy parade. It was another hectic week (thanks Chase), but it flew by, and naturally I’m pumped that it’s Friday! Katie and Margo are on their way here for the weekend and I’m too excited to sit still. Luckily, the weather is going to be sunny and in the 70s all weekend, which means we’ll be spending lots of time outside. There’s a huge celebration in my backyard aka The Italian Market. Food, wine, and all things Italian. Need I say more?

I’ve had consistently good training for the past few weeks, so it’s safe to say, I’m well on my way to where I want to be. 25 is 30 days away and I’m only freaking out a little bit. Here’s what my week looked like in workouts:

  • Monday: 1-hour spin class
  • Tuesday-AM leg weight training+PM 3.2 mile run (speed work)
  • Wednesday-AM upper body circuits+PM spin class
  • Thursday-AM leg circuits+PM 4 mile run (3 mile tempo+1 mile hill intervals)
  • Friday-Upper body circuits+3 mile run
  • Saturday-AM Back-to-back spin class+leg circuits
  • Sunday-Yoga+30 minute tempo run

Oh and this song is my latest obsession. Literally can not take it off repeat. Happy listening and cheers to the weekend!


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