It Is What It Is

“Somewhere in this city is a road I know, where we could make it, but maybe there’s no making it now.”-Lifehouse

IMG_7064Helllllo sunshine! It’s a seriously sunny morning in Philly and this morning’s walk to the train was as glorious as last week’s. I can’t believe the weekend came and went, but we’re days closer to Memorial Day Weekend aka the best weekend of the year. I’m so ready for you, sweet summertime.

IMG_7050On Friday after work, I did a quick run and made it home in time to shower up before Katie, Margo, and Meggy arrived. We spent Friday night relaxing, since I was getting up early on Saturday morning for back to back spin. After two hours of sweating my butt off, I came home and got ready to head to the Italian Market Festival. This was seriously one of the funnest festivals I’ve been to in Philly.  I had no clue how huge it actually would be. Maybe it was because it was in my backyard, or maybe it was because it got me in touch with my Italian heritage, but I seriously couldn’t get enough of the Italian madness. We walked up and down the market, eating and drinking our way block by block.

IMG_7072Since we wanted to have a little girls’ night out, we took Margo to play at two different parks to tire her out. A few hours and lots of swing rides later, we were sipping cocktails and getting ready to head to Frankford Hall. Frankford Hall is my most favorite place to go out when the weather is nice. I don’t even know where to begin to describe all the reasons why I love it. The first time I went there, I knew I’d be getting married there one day. Don’t laugh. The only part that sucks is that because it’s so awesome…it’s always so packed. We grabbed a table as soon as we could find one, making new friends in the process. I even met a fellow Hawk.  We dance, sang, and Janga-ed till we almost dropped and then headed home and slept like babies.

IMG_7075Sunday morning, I woke up and made everyone chocolate chip pancakes and mimosas for breakfast. The festival celebrations continued and we watched the Procession of the Saints, since it started right on our corner. The weather was gorgeous again, so we sipped on some Bloody Marys as we watched people walk to and from the festival. The girls left right before dinner time and I took a much-needed bubble bath to cap off the weekend.

This week should be pretty easy. I have to head to Baltimore on Wednesday for a doctor’s appointment and then I’m thinking Friday may be a work from home day. Hold tight kids; MDW is right around the corner!


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