Come With Me Now

“I think with my heart and I move with my head.”-Kongos

IMG_7114Hump day, frump day. Whomp. Work weeks aren’t nearly as bad when they’re only 4 days long and don’t include a Monday, but mannnn my butt is still dragging. Must be the rainy weather. Real cool, Philly.I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. I know mine was absolutely perfect, and way better than I expected.

IMG_7132Friday night, my sister and I went to the Phillies game and met up with some friends. My hawk loves were there for the post-game concert, and my soon-to-be-doctor friend was there to see the game. Rain delay (and 2-0 loss) aside, it was a great kickoff to the weekend.

IMG_7139IMG_7141I got up and did my usual back-to-back Saturday morning spin classes. I got a special surprise when one of my favorite subs filled in for the second class. After two hours of spinning, he decided we still needed to do some burpees, push-ups, and squats to top off the class. Let’s just say I spent the rest of my day on the couch indulging in the SVU marathon that was on. On Saturday night, I went to visit one of my oldest hawk friends before he moves down to South Carolina with his fiancé. It was so good to see him and some other kids I went to school with, but also really bittersweet when I think about how much we’re all growing up. Speaking of growing up…who’s got the countdown till my birthday?!

After a nice, sweaty run, my Sunday was spent down the shore, soaking up some of those sweet sun rays. It was the perfect day, until the wind decided to pick up. But that meant one thing: time to drink some Corona with lime. A few beers and a home cooked meal later and I was out cold.

We headed back to the city to spend Monday with friends and family at a block party BBQ. The amount of food I ate was unreal, but even better were the Watermelon Rickys that I ended up getting at happy hour at Morgan’s Pier. Yup that’s right. MDW might as well be MPW-Morgan’s Pier weekend. It was my first time back since last summer and it felt so good to be reunited. We also stopped over to The Gaslight, a new restaurant in Old City to try out their mojitos. One word: yummy.

I’m spending the rest of this week in detox mode. My running has been on point and I’m not letting the holiday slow me down. What did y’all do to celebrate MDW?!


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