Pills n Potions

“I get high off your memory. In due time, we’ll be fine.”-Nicki Minaj

photo 1(2)Thank god it’s Friday. This week was hell trying to squeeze 5 days of work into 4, and since it’s busy season, my head hasn’t stopped spinning. But my girl Nicki Minaj released the lyric video to her new song and I’m addicted . I swear she can read my heart.

So I’m beyond ready for this weekend. My Jersey girls are coming in tomorrow afternoon for the night and Sunday I’ll be spending down the shore. Between work and work outs, I need some serious relaxation. Here’s my week in sweaty fun:

  • Monday: early morning upper body circuits+1-hour elliptical cross-training
  • Tuesday: AM lower body weights+PM 10x400s & 35 minute hill treadmill workout
  • Wednesday: AM upper body weights+PM 3.2-mile run
  • Thursday: AM squats, lunges, & calf raises+PM 4 mile run
  • Friday: AM ab circuits+3.5-mile run
  • Saturday: Lower body circuits & back-to-back spin classes
  • Sunday: 4.5 mile run

photo 2(1)Oh my I completely forgot to tell you…I got new sneakers! I don’t think you understand the level of excitement that comes with getting new running shoes. It also means new running clothes to match (thanks mommy)! I’m now running in the Kinsei 5s…picture soon to follow! I didn’t even need to break these bad babies in because they fit so perfectly. Definitely worth every pretty penny I spent on them.

Cheers to the last weekend of May! Hope it’s a great one 🙂



  1. I know what you mean about Monday being off! I feel like I have been trying to catch up with work all week long! I’m exhausted too!

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