Set You Free

“This town ain’t big enough for both of us & now I’ve found you’ll never get enough from me, so baby I’m a set you free.”-3OH!3

IMG_7210Happy National Running day babes! It’s a warm, humid one here in Philly and I’m definitely regretting even attempting to straighten my hair this morning. Since I have something fun planned for Friday’s post (and it’s National Running day of course), I figured I’d getting my week of workouts PLUS a new running playlist for ya!

Here’s what’s making me sweat this week:

  • Monday: Upper body circuits and spin class
  • Tuesday: AM leg circuits and PM 10x400s at 5k pace (7 minute mile)
  • Wednesday: AM upper body circuits and PM 3.5-mile run
  • Thursday: AM leg circuits and PM 4-mile run
  • Friday: AM abs and PM 3-mile run
  • Saturday: Lower body circuits and back-to-back spin classes
  • Sunday: 60 minute tempo run

Cheers to making it over the hump! Get out there & run 🙂


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