Dirt Road

“All of this flying high, gonna leave you falling short, leave you knocking on heaven’s basement door.”-Kip Moore

IMG_7228Happy Monday. I can hardly believe I’m headed back to work already. This weekend flew by, probably because I spent it with my most favorite people. Date night on Friday turned into a night out when I ran into my girl friends while we were having some post-dinner drinks. I really didn’t plan on staying out late, but before I knew it, it was 3:30. Saturday was spent running errands as usual, and then cooking dinner for everyone. After a few margaritas, I headed out to Washington Square. It’s one of my favorite section of the city to go out in and as always, I had way too much fun. I got to sleep in on Sunday, then spent the day at the salon getting back to being a blonde. Almost 25 and I don’t even know what my natural hair color is anymore. Real cool.

IMG_7122With only 6 days left as a 24-year old, I decided to create a list of my 25 favorite memories and moments. They aren’t in any particular order. Some were big. Some were small. But they all have a special place in my heart and have made me the person I am today. Read on 🙂

1. The day my sister was born. I remember everything about this day, from dropping my mom off at the hospital to the first time I got to hold my baby sister.

2. My first half marathon. It was the moment I realized I was capable of some pretty awesome things. My extended family and friends came down for it and it was just a really awesome moment that I will never forget. A very close second to this was PR-ing my last half in November. Tears of joy were actually shed at the finish line.

3. My 21st birthday in the Dominican Republic. It was the experience of a lifetime and I will never ever forget the fun that was had while I was there. It was so beautiful and I wish I could have shared it with everyone I love. Avalon doesn’t come close to Punta Cana, but beach birthday parties are the best birthday parties.

4. Getting into SJU. Another moment I remember vividly, from the second I got the letter in the mail, to the second my eyes hit the “we are pleased to inform you…”. I will forever be a Hawk.

5. Graduating from SJU. One of the most bittersweet moments of my entire life. I had no idea what would lay ahead of me and all the places I would explore as a Hawk alum. I was terrified, ecstatic, and heartbroken all at the same time.

6. Presenting my Practicum. AKA the day I was officially done with grad school. Although I “graduated” in May, I still had three months of executing an independent research project. That 30 minute presentation was the longest of my life, but wrapped up my entire educational career. I had a very large margarita afterwards.

7. Rewrite Beautiful. The day of the shoot was amazing, but revealing the pictures and my story to everyone was such a rollercoaster of a day, but has changed my life more than I ever could have imagined.

8. Broad Street 2013. My heart was in such a wonderful place during that race that I was literally on cloud 9 (sweating and panting nonetheless) the entire time.

9. The day Margo was born. I sped home from Ocean City, praying that I wouldn’t miss the arrival of this little bundle of joy. I remember holding Katie’s hand the night before as she said “This is the last night I won’t be a mother.” Our lives were flipped upside down and I learned just how much love I was capable of feeling for someone.

10. Celebrating my parent’s 25th anniversary. From the planning of the party, to the moment my mom walked into the room and pretended to be surprised was filled with happiness. You know by now that I love throwing parties, but surprise parties are my absolute favorite. And to celebrate something like 25 years of marriage…oh the love in that room. It was magical.

11. The day I got my first tattoo. And it didn’t even hurt. I remember this day just as much as the day my mom saw. Sorry, Mommy.

12. Getting my first job. I waited and waited, staring at my email to hear back about a job with BMW. When I got that email, I practically ran up and down Broad Street screaming with joy. I was going to be a real person!

13. San Francisco. My trip to San Francisco was such an amazing experience for so many reasons. From concurring my fear and running across the Golden Gate to the realization that I truly loved my job and where I was at professionally, it was a great moment of growth.

14. The night I met the person I’m going to marry one day. I don’t even know how to explain this one, but it was absolutely unforgettable. What they say is true: when you know, you know.

15. Watching my sister graduate. Not only did she graduate, get into her first choice of schools, but she also gave a speech at the graduation ceremony. I was wearing my proud big sister smile the whole time.

16. Vegas. Nothing like a trip with my girls, to celebrate the birthday of one of my best friends.

17. Going to NYC for New Year’s Eve. Just another thing to check off the bucketlist. I’m sure it was the first of many New Year’s Eves in the Big Apple for me.

18. My first military ball. I loved this moment for so many reasons. Getting dolled up and wined and dined. Meeting some of the most amazing people who I still call some of my closest friends. And sharing such a special moment with someone I loved so much.

19. Katie’s wedding. As Maid of Honor, it was a slightly stressful day, but one filled with so much love. I couldn’t have been happier to watch my oldest, closet friend marry her best friend.

20. Getting my apartment in the city. Sure the move was a sweaty one, but knowing that this was my first apartment (in the city, not on SJU’s campus), one that I could decorate however I pleased, was exhilarating. And terrifying.

21. My cousin Mitch’s graduation party. At the time, there was some serious tension running in the family, but I knew I needed to go to this party. Lucky for me, my best friends showed up to support me when I needed it the most. Gabe came all the way to cow country from Manhattan because he knew I needed him to lean on. Having my 3 best friends next to me made me feel so strong and so loved.

22. The Phillie’s winning the world series. Oh the madness that occurred that night. It may have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I’m glad that I was a sophomore, going to college in the city when it happened. To see the way the city set itself on fire for our Phightin Phills was just amazing.

23. Winning All-American. I think I mentioned before that I used to be on a competitive cheerleading team. Well next to winning National’s, the greatest thing that can happen is that you selected as an All-American. During my 8th grade year, I won All-American at a competition in Baltimore. Not even gonna lie, it’s still on my resume.

24. Senior Week in high school. Sure we were immature and thought we were so cool when we totally weren’t, but isn’t that what Senior Week is made for? So you can look back, giggle, and just remember how you thought you would all be best friends forever? Our room was such a random group of 12 people, but I’m almost positive we had the time of our barely legal lives.

25. SJU vs UPenn weekend. The moment I realized who some of my friends truly were and how much they meant to me.


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