“I still believe in shooting stars. I still believe in midnight drives.”-Jana Kramer

IMG_7255Happy hump day lovers! Birthday happies have already started rolling in. Yesterday morning was a hot mess, both literally and figuratively. I didn’t fall asleep till almost 12:30 on Monday night and was up at 5 for early morning weights. I had dropped a weight on my foot on Monday night so that was still bruised and swollen. The humidity made my hair an uncontrollable mess. Just when I finally got my hands in a Big Gulp of Diet Dew to get some caffeine in me, I drop it in the middle of Market Street. Then my train was approximately 22 minutes late. By the time I to work, I wanted to do nothing but cry and go home. Then I walked in and saw a little surprise at my desk. I practically cried tears of happiness. My day was instantly better 🙂

Keeping the theme of all things 25 and the gist of the song I’ve been jamming to (thanks Jana), I decided today’s post will be 25 things that I absolutely adore:

IMG_72411. Birthday cake flavored everything. I really shouldn’t have to explain much here. I love birthday cake and all the artificially flavored products that now come in birthday cake form: vodka, candles, fro yo, body wash. Gimme all the birthday cakes.

2. EOS chapstick. They’re like binkies for adults. I have them stashed in every drawer/purse within 5 feet of me at all times, in case I have a chapped lip emergency.

3. Asics. The greatest running shoe, obvi. I literally refuse to run in anything and don’t care that my latest Asics purchase meant I needed to pass up a weekend in New York City.

4. iPhone. The keeper of my snapchat stories, shameful texts, and favorite pictures. It never leaves my side, but is one of the reasons I have trust issues (aka dying with a whole FIVE percent of battery left).

5. The Great Gatsby. Please see # on this post.

6. Almost Famous. My favorite movie…of all time. If I could come back as anyone my next life, it would be Penny Lane.

7. Milagro. My go-to bottle of tequila. It tastes good mixed with a little pineapple spritzer but I prefer it with nothing more than an ice-cube and lime wedge.

8. My Army sweatshirt. Of all my hoodies, this is my favorite. It’s so worn in that it fits so perfectly. Plus, the memories stitched into the cotton make it feel that much better every time I get cuddled up in it.

9. Lincoln Park After Dark. Regardless of season, I love me some Lincoln Park After Dark. The perfect color.

10. My Tiffany’s. I have a few pieces of Tiffany jewelry that I’m never without: my 16th birthday present, a Christmas present, my heart, and this ring. My favorites.

11. Garmin 220. It does it all y’all. I can’t run without it.

12. Herschel backpacks. Whether its carting my workout clothes to and from work, or stuff with makeup and heels for a night in NYC, this baby is the perfect commute-mate.

13. Betty Girlfriend. My very first doll. And yes, I still sleep with this stuffed person. She’s the ultimate snuggling partner, regardless of the stains I can’t seem to get out of her from 25 years of naps and messy breakfasts in bed.

14. American Eagle cut-offs. The greatest cut off shorts you’ll ever own. I’ve had the same pair since high school and they still fit perfectly. Not too sure how. Let’s just call it the sisterhood of the traveling cut-offs.

15. RayBans. They make it feel like summer time alllll year long. I wouldn’t wanna be out in the rays without these sunnies.

16. Purple hemp bracelet. My best friend Dani sent me this hand-made bracelet right after Christian died, and even though it wore itself so thin that it fell off, I still keep it with me everyday.

17. Tree of Life ring. Both my sister, dad, and I all have this ring. It’s a reminder of my roots and was the inspiration behind my first tattoo.

18. Recipe book. I wish I could tell you how many of these recipes I’ve actually made, but at this point it’s all a blur.

19. Old Navy flip-flops. Pretty sure this is every white girl’s staple. I’ve had the same pair since high school and they’re still going strong.

20. SJU coffee mug. The hawk will never die, and he sure knows how to keep my coffee warm.

21. Spotify. Because iTunes just doesn’t cut it anymore. My music library is too big. I like too much to be contained. Sorry Apple.

22. Candy. Let’s be honest: I really run because I love candy. All kinds. Most specifically-Pretzel and Peanut Butter M&Ms, Sour Patch Kids, and Laffy Taffy.

23. The shore. Whether it’s Sea Isle, Avalon, Rehoboth, or Miami Beach, all I need is sand, sun, and a Shandy and I’m a happy camper.

24. Pickles. The only thing Snooki and I have in common-our unwavering love for dill pickles.

25. Diet Dr. Pepper. Along with candy (and tequila) this is my only vice. Don’t even try to give me the generic kind. No sir.


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