“First sight of rays of light I hear the birds sing. It’s a sign he’s giving me, every thing will be okay.”-Tom Hangs

IMG_7283I can hardly believe that I’ll be heading back to reality tomorrow. This past week has been a blessing, in so many ways. It’s opened my eyes to things I didn’t realize I needed to see. 25 is off to a wonderful start. I want to thank each and every one of you for the well wishes. I can’t tell you how much they mean to me 🙂

IMG_7332On Saturday Katie and I packed up the car and headed straight to the beach, to pop champagne and soak up as much sun as we could. We eventually made our way to the house, where Matty met up with us. We grabbed dinner at the Princeton and then waited for everyone else to get in. Celebrations started at The OD and then ended back at the Princeton. My sister and her two best friends surprised me by showing up at 3am, with presents, balloons, cupcakes. Needless to say, I was the happiest girl in the whole world.

IMG_7333Somehow, we were all up bright and early on Sunday morning. We made mimosas and then headed down to the beach for the day. We had a few new friends pop in for the day, which made turning 25 that much better. Praise sweet baby Jesus for the Primo’s hoagies that was literally on the corner next to our house because that saved all of our lives on Sunday. After showering up and drinking on the deck, we decided to head out to dinner at Bobby Dee’s Rock n Chair. I don’t know which was better: the food or the entertainment. We all had such a blast and it was the best way to wrap up my birthday.

IMG_7340Even though my birthday came and went on Sunday, the celebrations have continued for the entire week. My mom made it down on Monday afternoon, and she made us all a huge crab cake dinner on that night. Since we went out two nights in a row, I needed Monday night to relax and get some much-needed rest. I woke up on Tuesday, tossed on my swimsuit and headed to the beach. After a little run, I hopped in the ocean and spent the rest of the day soaking up the sun. The rest of the house came down after breakfast, and we spent the day together on the beach. My mom and I decided to go to happy hour for our own little birthday celebration. We headed down to visit her old stomping grounds at The Wind Drift. Such a wonderful place to have a beergarita while the sun goes down.

IMG_7349Since I only took off from work for Monday, Tuesday and today, I was up early the rest of the week to get a long run in, before spending the day on the deck…working. It wasn’t so bad, but boy was it hot out. I picked the best week to come down here. It’s usually hit or miss being this early in June, but this week was absolutely gorgeous. Running as the sun was rising over the beach was so refreshing. I didn’t even realize how long or how far I had gone by the time I was turning around. It’s crazy to think I’ve spent this week running in the sand and next week I’ll be running in Central Park all week. Oh, what a beautiful life.

I realized for all I’ve gone through during this past year that 25 is going to be a wonderful age. I’ve managed to let go of some bad and hold on tightly to some good. I am truly blessed and this song is the perfect way to remind me. Thanks Tom Hangs for helping me dance it all out. Enjoy!


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