“Fight fear for the selfish pain, it was worth it every time.”-Zedd

IMG_7486Oh Monday, we meet again. This weekend was the first weekend I spent in Philly in longer than I can remember. Ok, well spent kinda in Philly. Friday wasn’t really what I was expecting for the 4th, although it did start out with that amazing breakfast I made for the house. I love cooking breakfast almost as much as I love America. Saturday was spent spinning, getting a mani, and drinking in the sun. And of course, yesterday was spent on the beach. How else do you spend Sunday Funday in the summer time?

IMG_7472Since I stayed in the city, I was able to get some really awesome workouts in. I was able to do back-to-back spin on Saturday morning, and had a nice run on Sunday. Training for the Philly 10k began last Monday, so my mileage will finally be increasing. YAY! The race just happens to fall at the beginning of half-marathon training, which I couldn’t be more pumped about! Be Well Philly posted a training plan that I’ll be following, sort of. There are far too many rest days, so I’ll spend those days either running, lifting, or spinning. And as usual, every Friday, I’ll start sharing my training with ya!

I’m definitely not ready for my first full week in the office, so bring on the espresso!



  1. Looking forward to what you think about the Philly 10k. I can’t do it this year but it’s one of those that I have my eye on!

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