Black Widow

“I wanted all or nothing for us, ain’t no place in between, by me believing what you say that you never mean.”-Iggy Azalea

IMG_7519I don’t think I’ve ever not wanted to see Monday so much in my life. I did absolutely nothing this weekend and it was the greatest weekend decision I’ve made in a very long time. I kinda wish I could continue it for a few more days, but I’ll have to wait until August for that. After happy hour (we headed to Morgan’s Pier because I wanted a Watermelon Ricky soooo badly) on Friday night, I called it quits early since I was doing double spin class at 8am. After class on Saturday, I ran a few errands, but spend the majority of the day watching trashy TV. I was up early on Sunday to run and it was nothing short of torturous. I told you before how much I despise the humidity in general, but running in it kills me. Just as I was finishing up, it started to rain. The air was so thick during my run that by the time I finished 4 miles, I felt like I had done 14. Even my eyelashes were sweating. After a shower and an iced coffee, my body decided it wanted to spend the rest of the day watching Harry Potter and not moving. The only time I got off the couch was to walk to get fro yo for lunch. It was the perfect lazy Sunday that I needed.

IMG_7521With each week of training that passes, I’m getting more and more excited for fall to get here. I have a bunch of fun races planned and I’m beyond ready for fall running weather. You know how much I love summer and the shore, but I really hate feeling slow and sluggish when running in the heat. July has been a really laid-back month, but I’ll need all the rest I can get because August is jam-packed with fun stuff: Luke Bryan, an island getaway, and a SJU reunion in NYC. I can hardly believe that we’re half way through July, which technically means we’re halfway through summer. Here’s to hoping that the second half will be as fun as the first!



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