La La La

“When our worlds collide, I’m gonna drown you out before I lose my mind.”-Naughty Boy

IMG_7537So it’s hump day and I’ve decided to switch some things up on the blog every Wednesday. Let me preface this entire post by saying that I in no way, shape or form take Tinder seriously. I would  never actually meet up with anyone from it. I’m the kind of girl who needs that initial interaction, that first connection, before wanting to date someone. I’ve dated plenty since Mike and I broke up, but with a little peer pressure from my friends, I wanted to see what it was I was missing out on with Tinder. And let me tell you: it ain’t much. I got the idea to do a weekly post of the interesting boys I’m finding on this app because within less than 24 hours of having it, I had like 3 months worth of material for it. I’m not even kidding. From total douchebags to creepers who still live in their mother’s basements, Tinder is filled with some weird boys. And it’s not that I’m just pulling from the Philadelphia region. My radius is at its max of 100 miles of whatever my current location is. So I’m getting boys from New York, New Jersey, Maryland. If anything, this app is making me realize how much I don’t want to date at all, like ever again.

It may just be the beginning, but I can’t wait to share with you some of the adventures I’m having. This week’s gem? Meet Stephen. This was so carefully planned that I’m giving him an A for effort. He’s patriotic, bursting from the seams with testosterone (ie the beard). And to top it off-he can serenade you with his guitar on his . sexy silk sheets. Long hair don’t care.


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