“Don’t fuck with my love. I told her she knows. Take aim and reload”-Ed Sheeran

IMG_7547Happy Friday babes! This week, as surprisingly awesome it was, seemed to drag on. The weather has finally got back to normal, after days and days of thunder storms and humidity out the who-ha. I’m just glad that I walked to work this morning and didn’t start to sweat within 10 minutes. Barely having a voice isn’t fun, but hey I’ll take it over super hot weather. I’m chugging OJ and DayQuil by the ounce and am hoping this cold kicks its own ass to the curb so my weekend doesn’t get ruined. I got a run in early this morning, thinking that sweating it out might help, but as the morning progresses, I’m starting to think I should have used that extra hour to sleep. Other than feeling like shitbags today, it’s been a pretty solid week of training. I ran almost every morning, which made my days that much better. Here’s what my log looked like:

  • Monday: Rest. Since I didn’t rest at all on Sunday, I was dead Monday night and could barely muster the energy to walk home, let alone lift or spin.
  • Tuesday: 4-mile morning run.
  • Wednesday: 2-mile morning run, lower-body circuits+PM spin class
  • Thursday: 2-mile morning run, upper-body circuits+PM 3-mile tempo run
  • Friday: 3-mile morning run
  • Saturday: Back-to-back spin+legs
  • Sunday: 4-mile run+abs

IMG_7558My tan is slipping away from me, so this weekend will be spent getting that back on track. It’s mid-July. I should be looking a whole other nationality by now. Hope ya have something fun planned 🙂



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