“I just wanna know, if you’re gonna stay. I just gotta know, I can’t have it any other way.”-Vance Joy

photo 1(5)Happy August loves! I can’t believe today is August 1st. I’m moving a little slower than usual over here this morning, from the home office. I have about a million errands to run before heading to Marco Island tomorrow morning, but I couldn’t be more excited and more ready to get out of Philly for a little bit. Maybe it’s because I’ve been cutting out rest days, and adding more two-a-days. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe I gotta feel sluggish before I get super fast. Whatever it is though, I feel like I’ve been getting my butt kicked royally this week. And I think that this vacation came at the perfect time. For the first time in longer than I can remember, I’m not packing my running shoes in my bag. Two days off will be good for me and I’m actually looking forward to it. I just hope the guilt doesn’t set in too much.

photo 2(3)Here’s what my training log looked like for this week:

  • Monday: AM 3-miler+PM spin class/upper body weights
  • Tuesday: AM 3-miler+PM speed work/lower body weights
  • Wednesday: AM 3-miler+abs
  • Thursday: AM 2-miler+PM full body circuits
  • Friday: 30 minutes elliptical
  • Saturday: 4-miler
  • Sunday: REST!

I’ll talk to everyone on Wednesday! Have a wonderful weekend!



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