“So let your colors run tonight, the colors of your heart.”-Tritonal

Good morning my loves! Although it feels like Tuesday, I’m absolutely pumped that it’s actually Wednesday. I’ve been carb depleting for the past couple of days for my race, and the hanger is really starting to kick in. Once Friday gets here, I’ll be able to load up and I’m already planning my pre-race dinner. The weather isn’t looking too great and I’m getting worried that it’s gonna be a shitty run. It’s supposed to be hot and humid, even at the 7:30 start. To prepare for the heat, I’ve been hydrating extra and carefully planning my race playlist. My goal is to start a little slower and negative split. I was looking through some of my old playlists and I’m thinking I found the perfect one. But no race playlist would be complete without the starting line hype jam aka DMX. If “Party Up” doesn’t get you pumped to run, you may have no pulse 🙂

Click here to see my perfect 10k playlist!




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