Cute Without The E

photo(5)“I stay wrecked & jealous for this simple reason: I just need to keep you in mind as something larger than life.”-Taking Back Sunday

Hey there loves. When I first started running, I did it solely in vain. I was running away from all of the things that made me weak. But I soon realized that running could make me stronger and it would be selfish of me to waste that strength. That’s when I started fundracing-registering for races with a charity. The first charity I ran with was the American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation team. I fell in love with everyone and all of the stories that they shared. I knew I found my new reason to run. Sure, I don’t always want to get up at 5am to get a run in, but there are plenty of people out there who would love to and can’t. I need to run for them.

I rarely do this but I’m in need of help. The days until my race in Nashville are dwindling and I’m still pretty far from reaching my fundraising goal. I set out to raise $1000 before I head to Tennessee in November. Even the smallest donation is appreciated and goes to help me fight cancer and embrace life!

Click here to visit my page and make a donation! If anyone runs for a similar cause, feel free to share!


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