“Buzzing in the blue sky, till the full moon rise, playing with chemistry.”-The Knocks

photo(6)Happy Friday, loves! I’m beyond obsessed with this song and want you all to go listen to it right now. It will put you in the best mood! I have zero plans this weekend and couldn’t be more excited to relax. The forecast is looking rainy for tomorrow so I’m feeling a movie marathon on the couch. Here’s a look at my training from this week:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 7-mile run
  • Wednesday: 7x400s and leg weight circuits
  • Thursday: AM upper body and ab circuits+PM 4-miler
  • Friday: 3-miler
  • Saturday: Back to back spin+leg weight circuits
  • Sunday: Heroes 5k Race

Fall weather is occupying more days than not, but I refuse to enjoy anything pumpkin flavored for another few weeks. C’mon October, come to mama!



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