Wild Ones

“It might take time, it might take faith. The things we build, they’ll never break.”-You Me At Six

IMG_8102Happy Monday loves! The fall weather is finally here to stay and that makes me so happy. I love the chilly walks to work in the morning, and the cooler walks home at night. The only down side is that it’s getting darker a whole lot earlier. I’m sure I’ve said this about 92837 times before, but Fall is my favorite season and there is no better place to spend it than Philly. This weekend I was able to pull out the boots and sweaters and finally make some room for my cozy clothes. We spent Friday night at Frankford Hall, enjoying pumpkin ciders and games of Jenga. It’s been a while since I’ve made my way over to that part of town, but now that it’s fall, Frankford Hall will be seeing lots more of me. Well after Nashville, of course. This was my last weekend of drinking until after my race. Yoga instead of wine? Yeah I guess that will have to do. On Saturday morning I woke up to lots and lots of rain, which meant I spent literally the entire day in bed, catching up on shows and cuddling with my pup. We made lots of soups for the week, and a yummy apple pie. It felt so good having the house all warm and toasty. On Sunday when I woke up to run, I was pumped to feel the 40 degree weather, but boy did I forget how it makes my lungs feel after. I spent the rest of the day hacking up a lung, with my compression socks on. Those 10 miles felt wonderful though, and definitely put me in a better mood after a rather sluggish week of running.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and your week is off to a great start!


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