Take Me to Church

“The only heaven I’ll be sent to is when I’m alone with you.”-Hozier

10636196_10153253130630299_1591636001356675199_nGood morning loves. I’m sorry I disappeared last week, without so much as a heads up. For some odd reason, my creative juices were lacking and every post was a struggle to write. Rather than give you some half-assed post, I decided to just wait until I felt like I had my voice back. Sometimes a little break does a girl good. Plus, I knew I’d need all my energy for HALLOWEEK! The countdown is on for one of my favorite holidays. Friday can’t get here soon enough. We’re throwing a Halloween Happy Hour and I can’t wait to share all the details with ya! This past weekend was one for the books. We celebrated my mom’s birthday on Saturday, with dinner at Serpico. My mama has been talking about going there since they’ve moved down, so I figured that would be the best way to celebrate her first birthday back in the city. And let me tell ya what…she loved it. The food was amazing and even though I couldn’t enjoy any cocktails, her and my sister made sure to make up for my share.

IMG_8233On Sunday, we made our way out to Linvilla for some pumpkin picking. I’ve been waiting all month for the perfect weekend to go out to the orchards and yesterday was definitely it. We ate way too much funnel cake and drank way too much hot apple cider, all while in search for the perfect pumpkin. After anxiously rummaging through all the others, I finally found mine. Poor Bob had to carry it around after I picked it out, but it’s home safe and waiting to be carved.

I’ve been getting super anxious about Nashville, so anxious that I didn’t even realize I was a week ahead in training. Instead of running my last training week early, I just repeated one of my favorite logs. I can hardly believe that this is my last week of training runs before I start tapering. Next week the blog will be filled with all things running (apologies in advance).

Let the Halloween celebrations begin! Happy Monday 🙂


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