“Myself was never enough for me, gotta be so strong. There’s a power in what you do.”-Calvin Harris

IMG_8255Good morning loves! Happy November! I’m so excited that November is finally here. It’s marathon month for everyone and after following all the runners in New York City yesterday, I’m so ready to go to Nashville. We wrapped up October and celebrated Halloween the only way we know how: drinking, dancing, and lots of food/candy. Everyone showed up around 7 on Friday night, and the door didn’t shut until almost midnight. By the time the last person let, it felt like I had run a marathon. My legs were so sore from bartending and making sure everyone was full of festive goodies. I was mixing lots of yummy cocktails: pumpkin martinis, Fireball and apple cider, and lots of pumpkin beers. We had pumpkin cupcakes, Philly soft pretzels with pumpkin dip, and some sloppy Joe sammies. I wasn’t expecting people to stay as long as they did, but I was so happy when everyone decided to ditch the bar and stay in. Clearly, the hostess with the mostest right here 🙂

IMG_8265On Saturday, I woke up to lots of cold and lots of rain, so I spent the day inside, watching college football, eating leftover cupcakes/candy, and snuggling with my babes. Getting that extra hour of sleep on Saturday night made for a great Sunday Runday. I woke up, layered on, and headed out for my last training run. 12 miles layer, my legs were spent and I was ready for some hot apple cider. Compression socks have never felt so nice. And as always, it was fun to watch the Eagles win. The carb depleting has begun, but my Monday is still off to a great start with free coffee and Steve Madden boots. Hope the day treats you well!



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