Long Stretch of Love

“You lift me up, you bring me down. You make me feel alive, you send my heart in overdrive.”-Lady Antebellum

IMG_8413Hump day! Thanksgiving Eve! YAY! Happy Wednesday babes! If you can’t tell from my excessive exclamation points, I’m pretty excited that today is finally here. My sister is finally home from college and the house feels like home again. The eve of my favorite holiday is upon us, and I’m absolutely elated. Today’s plans consist of a run, lots of baking, and of course, the usual Thanksgiving Eve out. This will be my sister’s first Thanksgiving Eve and I’m so excited to take her out with me. I think we’ll be heading to The Trestle Inn, for the Jive Turkey dance party. And even though I’m sure it will be packed, I’m definitely thinking of dragging her to my favorite place, Frankford Hall. There are far too many options in the air right now, so maybe we’ll play my favorite game: start at the first bar we see, get a drink, and ask the bartender where to go next. Works like a charm, every time.

10440767_10153269965075299_8840335235317787010_nSince she’s already been mentioned, today I am most thankful for my not-so little sister. I have loved her from the second I laid eyes on her. I prayed and prayed and prayed for the greater part of my 4th year of life, and then she came into this world, bright-eyed and strong-willed. She’s has supported me through all of my endeavors and knows my heart better than anyone (except for maybe my mama). The past few years have brought us closer than ever before, even though we still manage to fight over each others’ clothes. I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else and am so lucky that she’s my best friend.

I hope everyone has the happiest and the yummiest Thanksgiving!



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