When I Get My Hands On You

“When I set my eyes on you, not gonna be outta my sight.”-The New Basement Tapes

IMG_8458Even though all my Christmas shopping has been done for about two weeks, I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas for gifts, just in case y’all needed a little inspiration.

For the runners:

  • Salomon Handfree Bottle-I may or may not have to get one of these for myself, considering I’m going to be marathon training in the middle of summer.
  • The Runner’s World Cookbook-I run because I love to eat and I know I’m not the only one. So what better way to fuel a runner than with recipes that are yummy and make us run our best?
  • Pacebands-Who doesn’t want to make every run a PR? These sweet little bands help remind ya of the pace  you should be running to meet your goal. I may need to snag one of these before my BQ race!

For the drinkers:

  • Mason Cocktail Kit-I love cocktails. I love Mason Jars. I love cocktails, in Mason Jars. I swear they just taste better. Urban Outfitters has made my life with this handy little kit.
  • The Chillsner/Corkcicle-Need I really say more? Keep the wine and beers chilled, without watering it down. Praise the Lord.
  • Work Hard, Live Well Mason Jar Mug-I really don’t know what I like most about this but there is someone on my Christmas list who will be getting this.

For the fashionistas:

  • Camp Brand Crewneck– Winter time is the perfect time to wear this hoodie over tights and boots. What’s better than wearing your bf’s hoodie when it’s snowing?
  • Hudson Wool Scarf-I want nothing more than to curl up all day with this scarf. Who cares if it’s made for guys? Ladies, snag one now.
  • Tom’s-Sorta kinda obsessed with this pattern and I mean, the whole One for One thing doesn’t hurt much either. Tis the season for giving

I hope this gives everyone a little holiday gift motivation. Happy hump day!


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