My Beautiful Rescue

“At the top of my lungs I’m singing you a song. Don’t you leave me alone.”-This Providence

IMG_8607Oh Monday. As much as I don’t want to be headed out in the cold to work, I’m one more day closer to Friday. I can’t wait for the long weekend and to be reunited with all of my loves. I’ve gotten a couple of questions about my diet during training. I’ve been trying my best to get back into a stricter diet, but with the holidays just wrapping up, it’s been a slow process. Here’s what my usual day of eating looks like. Hope this helps you all!

  • 7am: Coffee with almond milk and a piece of fruit. This is usually the time when I’m walking to the train, so it’s easy to grab a banana or an apple on my way out the door.
  • 9:30/10am: Greek yogurt with almonds. Once I get settled in at the office, I’ll have a Greek yogurt to hold me over until lunch.
  • 12pm: Soup and fruit or a salad. Lunch is always my biggest meal. I either bring in soup that I get from Whole Foods and make a fresh fruit salad or I’ll make a big salad from the cafeteria upstairs or bring one from Trader Joe’s.
  • 4:30/5PM: Trail-mix or string cheese. As I’m on the train home, I’ll snack on a little something to give me a boost before my run/workout.
  • 7pm: Questbar. Right after my run, I’ll eat a Questbar to refuel. Once I’m home, I’ll either have some soup or a yogurt. I know it’s probably bad, but I’m never hungry after a run, so I don’t do a big dinner.


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