Get To Me

“I imagine that you are above me like a star & you keep on glowing & you keep on showing me the way.”-Train

IMG_8628This may have been the longest short week ever. I swear the weeks keep getting longer and the weekends go by way too fast. I feel like I was just headed back to Chambersburg for the long weekend. As nice as it was to disconnect from everything, I didn’t feel like I relaxed as much as I wanted to. Half of the time I was running from house to house, hugging and kissing and cuddling my way through family and friends. On Friday night once I got back, I went over to my cousin’s house for dinner. We did a burger bar and it was delish. I slept in a little on Saturday, did some hill intervals, and then made my way over to A’s house. We spent the day watching movies and snuggling on the couch. He even cooked me a yummy (see picture to the right) dinner. I’m a lucky girl. On Sunday after lunch at my aunt’s, I headed to my cousin’s hockey game. Oh what freezing fun that was. I can’t to go back for another visit/game. Words I thought I’d never hear myself say.

IMG_8639My training journal arrived on Tuesday, but I decided that I’d start writing in it on Monday. I’m about two months away from officially starting my marathon training plan and can’t wait to share some of my entries with you. Here’s this week’s run log:

  • Monday:3-mile run+ab circuits
  • Tuesday: 40-minute fartlek run (4.63 miles)+upper body circuit
  • Wednesday: 8x200s+lower body circuits
  • Thursday: 4-mile run+upper body circuits
  • Friday: 3-mile run
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 7-mile run

I’ll be spending next week in San Francisco for work, so I probably won’t be posting until I’m back. Talk to everyone in February! Ahhhhhh 🙂


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