“I struggle to contain the love that’s in my veins and how it circulates.”-Fifth Harmony

IMG_8762Oh hey there! I’m sorry for the hiatus, but it’s been absolute madness here in the tundra Philadelphia. I’ve been overwhelmed with work and training and just needed a little time to rest and not do my weekly posts. I’m still recovering from some kind of bug that left me feeling woozy and not myself. My runs haven’t been less than mediocre. Between not feeling good and the unbelievably cold conditions in the city, my motivation to run has been pretty low. But yesterday I woke up to a race confirmation for my fifth Broad Street Run and I couldn’t be more pumped. Broad Street is my favorite race and I’m so excited to be able to run it again this year! I’m less than a month away from Rock n Roll DC, and I’m getting a little worried after my last week or so of training. But hopefully after this weather passes and I’m back to feeling 100% I’ll be able to pick up right where I left off. Happy hump day loves!


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