“From mixed drinks to techno beats, it’s always heavy into everything.”-John Mayer

IMG_8961Happy first day of spring, from me, the City of Brotherly Love, and our 3 inches of snow! After a long, headache filled week, I couldn’t be more thankful to work from home today (even if it means spending the first day of spring, snowed in). Work has been so stressful and chaotic that by the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is open the computer to blog. I know that’s awful, but I needed to just disconnect. I promise to fill a post for Monday, all about my trip to DC, the half, and the craziness that about to go down.


But for now, I’ll leave you with my weekly work-out log. Happy sweating 🙂

  • IMG_8935Monday: 3-mile run+full body circuits
  • Tuesday: 35 minute tempo run (4.05 miles)
  • Wednesday: 3x800s (Yasso 800s to be precise)
  • Thursday: 4-mile run+full body circuits
  • Friday: 60-minute spin class
  • Saturday: 4-mile run at 5k pace (34:27 minutes)
  • Sunday: 6-mile run

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