So Happy I Could Die

“Happy in the club with a bottle of red wine, stars in our eyes & we’re having a good time.”-Lady Gaga

IMG_9021TGI-freakin-F my loves! The weekend is finally here and I’m beyond thrilled to be spending tonight, in my PJs, baking birthday goodies, and resting up for tomorrow morning’s run. My training has been a hot mess lately, since I’m sort of in between plans. Broad Street is in May, but full marathon training doesn’t begin until April 20th. So until then, I’m sticking to a 15k plan and trying to get my long-run times down/pace up. I’m not too thrilled with how my last two half-marathons went, so I’m trying to correct different aspects of my training. I signed up for a weekly runner’s yoga class at a local studio, and I’m hoping that helps. Also…the weather! It’s been a beautiful week, and to think a week ago it was snowing. This article sums up my week of running. GLORIOUS! Here’s what my training log looked like from this week:IMG_9025

  • Monday: 3 mile-run+full body circuits
  • Tuesday: 40-minute tempo run (5.02 miles)
  • Wednesday: 7x400s (2.5 miles total)+Yoga for Runners class
  • Thursday: 5-mile run+full body circuits
  • Friday: 60-minutes of cross training
  • Saturday: 7-mile run
  • Sunday: 5 miles @ race pace

I hope everyone has some fantastic plans for this weekend. I get to celebrate the birthday of one of my sweetest girl friends this weekend. I began planning the party last week (you know how much I love throwing parties), and I’m so excited for you (and everyone else) to see it all come together. Her Dirty 30 celebration is going to be a glittery, golden blast!


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