Run With Me

“We keep counting our years and fighting our fears. Even if it goes wrong, we gotta keep rolling on.”-Humming House

IMG_9085Hello loves! I’ve got some super exciting news to share. It’s official: I’m registered for my first full marathon! I couldn’t be more excited. Although I had some ups and downs when deciding what race to register for, my heart was set on Philly. I realized there was no rather place I’d rather run my very first marathon than the place that I ran my first half. My second choice was Steamtown, mostly because the course is all downhill and a few of my marathon junkie friends suggested it if I’m trying to Boston qualify. But after a few nights of tossing and turning, I think I made the right decision. I’ll be able to train on the course and will have the support of all my friends and family on race day. I couldn’t be happier (and more nervous) to take down 26.2!

IMG_9078Here’s what my training looked like from this week:

  • Monday: 3-mile run+full body circuits
  • Tuesday: 30-minute tempo (3.73 miles)
  • Wednesday: 4x800s+Runner’s Yoga class
  • Thursday: 3-mile run+full body circuits
  • Friday: 3-mile easy run
  • Saturday: 3-mile at 5k race pace
  • Sunday: 4-mile run

I can’t wait to spend the weekend drinking mimosas, eating jelly beans, and hunting for Easter eggs with my favorite little humans. Happy Friday!




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