Work This Body

“I will work this body, I will burn this flame, in the dead of night & in the pouring rain.”-Walk The Moon

IMG_9164Happy Friday! I’m off to NYC first thing tomorrow morning (well, after a 10-mile run), and can hardly wait. It’s been months since I’ve been up to see my loves and we have so much to catch up on. I’m thinking that we’re going to be doing some serious brunching and rooftop hopping. Hopefully the gorgeous weather  holds out and we have nothing but blue skies.

I’m two weekends away from Broad Street and the excitement is starting to get to me. I’ve logged way more miles than I needed to and now all that’s left is plan the playlist and the outfit (aka my favorite part!)

IMG_9156My allergies are in full effect and this week’s runs were anything but easy. Most days, I had zero energy, teary eyes, and a stuffed nose. Let’s hope they kick rocks before race weekend! Here’s my training log from this week:

  • Monday: 3-mile run+full body weight circuits
  • Tuesday: 5-mile run
  • Wednesday: 45-minute tempo run+1.5 hour Runner’s Yoga class
  • Thursday: 5-mile run+full body weight circuits
  • Friday: 5x800s-mile run
  • Saturday: 10-mile run
  • Sunday: Rest

I hope everyone has some super exciting plans for the weekend. Cheers!



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