“When we apart it makes her wanna piece of paper, scribble down ‘I hate ya’.”-Mariah Carey

IMG_9407Oh my loves. Monday is kicking my butt and it’s not even 9am. Not only am I a little sore from Broad Street, but the post-race margaritas are also catching up to me. I guess this is what it feels like to be living your last month as a 25-year old. But this weekend was amazing and I wouldn’t trade one ounce of tiredness for any of it.

On Friday, I picked Gabe up at 30th Street and we made our way to Franklin Mortgage for happy hour. If there’s one person who loves whiskey almost as much as me, it’s Gabe. After I won him over with their Old Fashioneds, we made our way to dinner at Village Whiskey. We ended up seeing The Avengers and staying up until 4am giggling like we used to in college.  IMG_9411Once we got up on Saturday morning, we went to Famous 4th Street for some breakfast, and then walked down to South Street for the Spring Festival. What better way to card load, the stuffing my face with all of South Street’s best restaurants? After eating myself like 10 pounds heavier, I spend the rest of the afternoon rest my legs and watching games with my Gabey.

I was up bright and early on Sunday morning, fueling and gearing up. My dad and I headed to the starting line. The gun went off at 8, but I didn’t cross the start until 8:35. Forty thousand people is a lot more than I thought, but it made the energy of the race that much more awesome. I took off down Broad Street and ended up just missing my last Broad Street Run time but a few seconds. I crossed the finish line to see all of my loves, a whole lot of sunshine, and a large pitcher of margaritas 🙂


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