“Give me one good reason why I should never make a change.”-George Ezra

IMG_9494Happy Monday loves. After a rough week last week, a much-needed weekend of relaxation was in order. We didn’t do much but run the usual errands, and enjoy the insane amount of street traffic coming through the neighborhood for the Italian Market Festival. It was quite literally a huge party in my backyard. Who doesn’t want to walk around with an ice-cold Peroni in one hand, and an over-sized meatball in the other?

I have a pretty exciting week coming up, with a trip to Chicago for work on Thursday, followed by a flight to Miami for Memorial Day Weekend. I’m so ready to officially kick off summer, aka my birthday season/the best season ever. My summer will be filled with trips to the shore, country concerts, and maybe a race here and there. I can hardly wait to sink my toes in the sand and feel that salt water on my skin.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead of them!


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