Wild Ones

“So put your hands up and pull down the sun. Just for tonight we are the wild ones.”-Five Knives

IMG_9669Happy June loves! My birthday month is finally here and the countdown to beach week has begun. After a weekend spent by the pool with my family, my legs are finally feeling fresh. My 3-mile run this morning was the greatest thing to happen to me and has put me in a better state of being. After talking with a few fellow runners, I decided on the best way to beat the heat this summer while marathon training. If the run is 4 miles or less, I’ll bang it out in the morning, when the temps are down but humidity may be high. If it’s over 4 miles, I’ll wait until later at night, when the temps are a little warmer but the humidity is down. Let’s hope this game plan works, because I can’t go all summer with training logs like last week. 

I hope everyones week is off to a wonderful start 🙂


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