Keep Me Hangin On

“For all that I’m worth, til something better comes along you just keep me hangin’ on.”-The Darkness

IMG_9791 Happy Friday, my loves! What a week it has been. I’ve been swamped at work, with meetings keeping my days jammed packed.  Not to mention every day this week was filled with rain. Even though it made the walks to the train a little messy, I didn’t mind much because the temperatures were so cool. It was perfect for running. And for as crappy as last week’s training was, this week’s was that much more awesome. Those bad weeks definitely make you appreciate the good ones a whole lot more. I was pretty down about my training, but after this week, I feel confident that I can bounce back.

IMG_9780Here’s what my log looks like for this week:

  • Monday: 3-mile run
  • Tuesday: 4-mile run+upper body weights
  • Wednesday: 8x200s (2.11 miles in 16 minutes)+leg weight circuits
  • Thursday: 40-minute fartlek  (4.59 miles)+upper body weights
  • Friday: Cross-training (45-minute spin class)
  • Saturday: 4-mile run
  • Sunday: 8-mile run

Enjoy your weekend loves!


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