“Needle and the thread, gotta get you out of my head.”-Shawn Mendes 

IMG_0230TGI-freaking-F. This seemed like the longest week of my entire life and I could not be more thrilled that it’s Friday. Not only is it my favorite day of the week, BUT I get to leave work at lunch because my most favorite person is coming to visit! AHHH. There’s nothing better than a summer Friday with my best friend. I see a whole lot of cheese and whiskey in my very near future.

Even though this week seemed to never end, my training was on point. I upped my weights since I’ve been slacking more than I should. And it felt SO good to be back spinning. It was just the thing I needed to break up my runs, but still ramp up my endurance.

IMG_0217Here’s what my log from this week looks like:

  • Monday: AM upper body weights+PM spin class
  • Tuesday: AM 3-mile run+PM leg day
  • Wednesday: AM upper body circuits+PM 12x200s (3.5 total miles)
  • Thursday: AM 4-miler at race pace (34:34)
  • Friday: AM spin
  • Saturday: 3-mile run
  • Sunday: 10-k training run

Hope everyone has something super fun planned for the weekend. Can’t wait to report back with the shenanigans that GJ and I get into 🙂


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