Sound of Your Heart

“You showed me heaven, you rang up bells. I played with matches, it hurt like hell.”-Shawn Hook

IMG_0302TGI-friggen-F babes! The weekend is finally here and after this morning’s 9-mile run, I’m ready to relax by the pool with very beverage in hand. Since my little nugget’s 5th!! birthday on Sunday, I’m headed back to cow country for the weekend. I can hardly believe she’s gonna be five. I feel so old.

Speaking of feeling old, this heat made my body hurt like an 87-year-old lady this week. With the exception of today’s long run, I trained close to where I wanted pace wise. If I keep pushing myself through the heat, I know it’s going to pay off in the fall with cooler temperatures and no humidity. I’m counting down the days. Here’s what my log from this week looks like:


  • IMG_0299Monday: AM upper body+PM spin class
  • Tuesday: 3-mile run+ab circuits
  • Wednesday: 5-mile run
  • Thursday: AM yoga class
  • Friday: 9-mile long run
  • Saturday: 3-mile recovery run
  • Sunday: 3-mile run at 5k pace

I hope every stays cool this weekend. Talk to yas Monday 🙂



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