The House That Built Me

“You leave home, you move on, and you do the best you can.”-Miranda Lambert

IMG_0318Well hello there. Good morning and happy Monday. I’m chugging iced coffee by the glassful, but am so excited that the week has started. I know I know. Usually I’m praying the weekend won’t end, but the next couple weeks are jammed packed with summer fun. Restaurant Week kicked off here in Philly, and I’m taking full advantage of it. Since they pop every almost every season, I don’t always take advantage to try new places. But this go around, I’m hitting three new spots. The first stop is tomorrow night at Alma de Cuba. I can hardly wait to try their margaritas because I’ve heard amazing things about them. It’s funny. I’ve lived in Philly the majority of my life, but there are SO many places I still haven’t tried. Washington Post published an article last week about Philly’s food scene and I suggest you all take a glance 🙂

Hope your weeks are off to an awesome start!


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