Everything Has Changed

“And all I feel in my stomach is butterflies; the beautiful kind, making up for lost time.”-Taylor Swift

  Holy Monday blues, Batman. My butt is dragging this morning, even after a great sweat sesh this morning. There just doesn’t seem to be enough caffeine to get me moving. But ready or not, a new week is here and it’s full of race training, Restaurant Week dinners, and running around like a maniac.

This weekend was absolutely perfect, from the weather to the loves I spent it with. After my 9-miler on Saturday morning, I hopped a train to NYC. We spent the day in FiDi seeing Fantastic Four, stuffing our faces with Shake Shack, and swinging on swings.

On Sunday, after a run through Gramercy, we made our way to David Burke for the New York City edition of Restaurant Week. It was nothing short of delicious and the goodness that is their cheesecake lollipops is still haunting my dreams waistline. 

It wasn’t easy leaving the city, not that it ever is, but this week is jammed packed. Tomorrow, the Restaurant Week celebrations are continuing at Jamonera. Although I’ve been to a few of their sister restaurants, I’ve never been there. I’m pumped because I’ve heard wonderful things. Can’t wait to share all the goodies with you.

Happy Monday loves 🙂


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